AllCom Connect Inc.

IT Services

We have extensive knowledge and experience in small business and HIPPA environments!

Services we offer

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Desktop and Server Support

  • Local and remote secure data storage and backup

  • Network installation, optimization, and monitoring

  • New Device Support

  • Resource Monitoring

  • Vendor Management

Are you HIPAA compliant?

  • Do your office use HIPAA compliant antivirus?

  • Does your office have unique passwords for each station and employee?

  • Do you use Two factor authentication login for your passwords?

  • Do use VPN software when accessing company files outside of the office?

  • Do you have three copies of your customers data in a secure location (at least one at a different location)?

  • Is your network room secured with a lock at all times?

  • Do you have a seperate your guest and employee wifi?

  • Has your server been updated in the past three years?

If you have answered to any of the above questions with “No” then please contact us right away because your IT company has failed and you can be fined by HIPAA! We can consult with you about the next steps in meeting compliancy even if you don’t go with us!


AllCom Connect will complete a complimentary audit of your current IT contract so that you know what you are paying for each month. Our analysts typically save customers 40-50 percent off their bills PER MONTH